(Note: Style (式) is renamed as Palm for better reading.)

Stance Description Image
1st Palm: 亢龙有悔 File:Image
2nd Palm: 飞龙在天 File:Image
3rd Palm: 见龙在田 File:Image
4th Palm: 鸿渐于陆 File:Image
5th Palm: 潜龙勿用 File:Image
6th Palm: 利涉大川 File:Image
7th Palm: 震惊百里 File:Image
8th Palm: 或跃在渊 File:Image
9th Palm: 双龙取水 File:Image
10th Palm: 神龙摆尾 / 履虎尾 File:Image
11th Palm: 突如其来 File:Image
12th Path: 时乘六龙 File:Image
13th Palm: 密云不雨 File:Image
14th Palm: 损则有孚 File:Image
15th Palm: 龙战于野 File:Image
16th Palm: 履霜冰至 File:Image
17th Palm: 羝羊触藩 File:Image
18th Palm: 笑言哑哑 File:Image

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